Cosmetic Bonding & Recontouring

We can add tooth-coloured composite to your teeth using bonding. This fast and affordable solution to chipped or gappy teeth can help restore confidence and appearance. Bonding can also be used to recontour teeth where their biting surfaces have worn down. This can help remedy sore teeth that have been affected by heavy bruxism.

Composite bonding

Our teeth are exposed to a lot during our lifetimes so it’s no surprise that they can become chipped or cracked through accidents or just through general wear-and-tear. We can rebuild the tooth using composite, a tooth-coloured resin that can be shaped and moulded on your teeth. Composite bonding does require some skill from your dentist as they will be recreating your tooth and bite.

The treatment starts with preparing the area of the tooth where the composite will be bonded to with a special gel. This makes the surface rough so the composite can bond properly to the hard surface. We’ll then add the composite, shape it carefully, then cure it using a special light. Composite hardens under UV light. We then polish the tooth.


While cosmetic bonding is usually only used on the social six (the six front teeth that appear when you smile), we can use the same techniques to restore the biting surfaces of teeth that have worn away. Conditions such as bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth) can cause teeth surfaces to wear away faster than normal. Composite resin can be used to replace cusps that have been reduced, improving the bite surface and overall bite.