Smile Makeover

At Aurora Dental Clinic, Corsham, we can offer bespoke smile makeovers. You can combine some of our cosmetic treatments to create the smile that you’ve always wanted, whether it’s tooth-whitening and Invisalign or implants and veneers. A smile makeover can be a life-changing decision and can restore your self-confidence. As our smile is the very first thing someone notices about us, having a beautiful smile that you’re proud of can make a huge difference.

You can have a combination of:

  • Teeth whitening - safe, gentle lightening helps to brighten up dull-looking smiles.
  • Composite bonding – a fast and natural looking way to repair light damage
  • Veneers - a natural-looking, minimally invasive way to disguise unsightly teeth.
  • White fillings - designed to offer a less obvious repair, these can also be used to replace existing amalgam fillings.
  • Crowns - a long-lasting way to mask all kinds of defects and strengthen damaged teeth.
  • Bridges - custom-made to fill in any gaps.
  • Implants - a realistic, long-lasting solution to missing teeth.
  • Dentures - these can be worn to fill in a few gaps or replace all your teeth.
  • Adult orthodontics - discreet braces and virtually invisible aligners offer more appealing ways to correct overcrowded, crooked or gappy teeth.

During an initial consultation, we thoroughly examine your teeth and find out exactly what kind of improvement you wish to make. We may have to correct oral health issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay, before we can perform any cosmetic treatments. However, once your mouth is fit and healthy, we can start the smile enhancing process.

We’ll go through our plan for your makeover with you as some treatments will need to be done before others. If you have planning to have your teeth whitened, we will need to do this before we place any restorations so we can match them to your new shade. If you are having orthodontics, we will carry this treatment out first as it takes the longest time. Orthodontics and teeth whitening make a beautiful combination so once your teeth are wonderfully straight, we can have them brightened.

As well as providing the most effective treatments, using the latest techniques, you can also rest assured that we will always deliver these with the highest standards of care.

If you would like a full smile makeover, get in touch for a consultation with one of our clinicians.