We understand how distressing a dental emergency can be and will do our very best to see you as soon as we can.

Try not to ignore a tooth related emergency as it can lead to permanent damage or require more complex treatment if not addressed swiftly. We will arrange an emergency appointment only if it is absolutely necessary to help relieve pain or provide essential treatment.


Please call the clinic as early as possible in the morning so we can arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

We allocate these on a first come first serve basis

Weekends and bank holidays:

Please call the clinic for information regarding various options available.

What to do if you have a dental emergency

I have a tooth ache

If you have a constant pain, this indicates there is something wrong that requires attention. Painkillers are usually necessary. Contact the clinic to arrange an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

I recently had a filling

The tooth can ache for up to forty-eight hours, especially if it was large. In this time it is also possible to have sensitivity from hot and cold. If the tooth feels tender upon biting, it is possible that the filling is proud and needs smoothing down.

If the problems have not settled in forty-eight hours, please contact the clinic for advice.

I have a swelling

This is usually caused by an infection. Usually treatment and/or antibiotics will be required. You must contact the clinic as soon as possible.

I have fractured a tooth

Please do not panic as these can usually be restored. If the tooth is painful, avoid hot and cold foods. If there is pain, try to avoid eating or biting on that side. Painkillers can often help. An early appointment is usually necessary to avoid further damage to the tooth and possibly the nerve inside. We can easily provide a temporary restoration and ensure it is pain free.

I have lost a crown

Please keep the crown safe, so it can be re-cemented for you. If the underlying tooth is painful, avoid eating near it and drink tepid drinks only. It is essential that the crown is re-cemented as failure to do so can lead to further damage and the necessity for root canal treatment.