Implant Care

If well looked after, dental implants can last a life-time. However, just like natural teeth, they are vulnerable to the effects of gum disease. The healthier the gums, the longer your implant will last.

Why will gum disease affect my implants?

If gum disease is left untreated, it can cause the gum tissue and bone to recede. When the bone supporting you implant becomes under attack, it will lose vital support and will become loose. The best way to avoid gum disease from affecting your implants is through regular visits to the hygienist and a great oral care regime at home. Your hygienist can keep an eye on the gums that surround your implant, making sure that they are healthy and infection-free.

How can we save implants?

If your implants are in trouble, we can help save them from failing by treating the gum disease that is causing the issue. We do as much as possible to save implants, just as we do with natural teeth. If the bone that’s supporting the implant is starting to degrade, we can think about replenishing the bone tissue with a bone graft.