Implants To Secure Dentures

If you have more than one missing tooth and already wear dentures, you can still benefit from implants. We can use implants to secure your dentures in place. While dentures are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth, they do have disadvantages – the main one being that they are prone to coming loose. Combining them with implants means you can have all the benefits of dentures without the drawbacks.

Why have implant retained dentures?

  • As the dentures are adapted to fit onto the implants, there’s no need to use adhesives and denture paste.
  • The implants themselves help to provide structure and support in your jaw bone so there is no negative effect on your facial structure.
  • Having secure dentures minimises wrinkles around the lips.
  • Improves eating – you don’t have to make changes to your diet.
  • Much more comfortable. Much of the denture is no longer necessary, leaving only the artificial teeth and gum.

What is involved in the treatment?

We will first carry out x-rays and scans to determine if you have sufficient bone volume to have implants.

Our next step will be the fitting. We make sure you are completely at ease before starting any surgery. We use local anaesthetic to reduce discomfort. After the fitting, it will take a while for the implants to fully fuse. Once they are completely healed, we will then expose the top of the implants. When the gum has healed, we can then adjust your dentures so they can fit onto the implants.