New Patients

What to expect on your first visit

At Aurora Dental Clinic, Swindon, we make it our mission to ensure every patient has a relaxed, calm and positive experience at our practice. From the moment you step through our door to the moment you leave and beyond, you should expect nothing less than the highest standard of care from a warm and welcoming team. If you’re a new patient, we thought it would be useful to outline what you can expect from your experience with us.
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How it works at Aurora Dental Clinics

First Impressions

We extend a warm welcome to all patients even before they step through the door at our Clinic. When you get in touch to make you appointment, our friendly reception team will help arrange a suitable appointment time and deal with any queries. And when you arrive, you’ll be greeting by pleasant, compassionate staff and an environment that’s invited and relaxing.

First appointment

On arrival, you’ll be given a medical questionnaire to fill out, and have an opportunity to adujust any personal details on your file. You’ll be given a full examination by the dentist, which may include digital photographs and X-rays, along with lots of questions about your lifestyle, general health and oral hygiene habits. If a dental problem is identified, this will be discussed fully.

Treatment planning

If further treatment is required, a plan will be drawn up that details clearly everything you can expect from our service and the costs involved. You will have as much time as you need to ask questions and consider you options – including interest-free credit. You’ll also be advised of the aftercare you can expect, and if you’ll need to take any time off to recover from treatment.

Once you have confirmed you’re happy with your treatment plan, treatment can proceed – in some instances during the same appointment, especially if the dentist needs to eliminate pain. In other cases, you may need to return for a future appointment at a convenient time.


We won’t send you home after treatment without a clear understanding of what you need to do to keep your teeth and gums clean and infection-free. We will recall you for follow-up checks and hygiene appointments, and will endeavour to see you as soon as possible if you have any concerns following your treatment.